Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The top ten things children love most about their mothers

Most people would probably assume that, if asked what they wanted most from their parents, children would respond with things like toys and being able to do whatever they want. However when students from around the world were asked about what they remembered and loved most about their mothers while growing up, their answers were far different.

Most parents nowadays think that preoccupying their kids with sports, video games, television, and other things is a suitable replacement for proper parenting. Some think they are doing their kids a favor by not disciplining them, letting them do whatever they want, and trying to be their friend rather than their parent.

Here are the top ten responses about what children considered to be their favorite activities with their mothers:

1. Come into my bedroom at night, tuck me in and sing me a song. Also tell me stories about when you were little.
2. Give me hugs and kisses and sit and talk with me privately.
3. Spend quality time just with me, not with my brothers and sisters.
4. Give me nutritious food so I can grow up healthy.
5. At dinner talk about what we could do together on the weekend.
6. At night talk to me about anything: love, school, family, etc.
7. Let me play outside a lot.
8. Cuddle under a blanket and watch our favorite TV show together.
9. Discipline me. It makes me feel like you care.
10. Leave special messages in my desk or lunch bag.

(Source: Dr. Mercola)


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Marisela said...

Sweet article! Not once in the "top ten" list did kids love electronics gifts mom gave or video game playing or getting to do whatever they want, but the simple things, like talking, cuddling, and even discipline.

So sweet!

Nice blog~!

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suelov said...

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