Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Obama signs martial law executive order

On January 11, Obama signed an Executive Order called the "Establishment of the Council of Governors". In it, a Council of 10 state governors, to be selected by Obama himself, will be established in order to strengthen the "partnership" between the federal government and state governments.

The council members will serve two-year terms and will work to discuss matters relating to the National Guard and its role in homeland defense, civil support, and other cooperative domestic "military activities". The council will not be paid for its services; it will be required that those who are selected participate as instructed.

Though not specific in what sort of military activities it plans to coordinate, the order establishes even further control by the federal government over state activities pertaining to "homeland security" and other domestic security operations aimed at controlling the people.

On its surface, the order seems to establish yet another modus operandi for coordinating an installment of martial law within the United States should it be deemed necessary. In the event of a national emergency, such an order will facilitate the rapid coordination of domestic military operations that will likely be used against the people.

The White House has posted the executive order for public viewing here.