Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Hatchet Job on Zicam

Last week, the Food and Drug Administration issued a warning, which was then immediately passed on to all the media minions, that warned of the dangers of Zicam nasal gels and swabs. Zicam products utilize the power of zinc, among other homeopathic ingredients, in preventing, alleviating, and shortening the duration of a cold or flu. These products have an extensive scientific backing and are truly some of the safest and most natural remedies around.

But sadly, in our wonderful "free" society, money, politics, and corruption prevail in the very entity that is supposed to protect us, not Big Pharma profits. One might compare our nation to Disney's "Fantasyland", where fantasy becomes reality. Where lies become the truth. You see, the global homeopathic market represents a mere $200 million annually. The products are safe and effective for most people, including Zicam's products, and are never implicated in any severe injuries or deaths. Pharmaceuticals, on the other hand, represent more than $820 BILLION annually in the global market. Pharmaceutical drugs are responsible for hundreds of thousands of injuries and deaths just in America alone. And these numbers come straight from FDA reports.

Big Pharma can get away with injuring and killing thousands of young girls with Gardasil, thousands of people with Vioxx, and many thousands every year from over-the-counter pain pills like aspirin and ibuprofen, with not even a peep from the FDA. Sure, it will be buried in a report somewhere, but every news puppet on the planet will not be receiving an urgent warning from the FDA about the immediate dangers of aspirin or Gardasil as happens when a non-pharmaceutical product is implicated.

But when 130 people claim to have lost their sense of smell from Zicam products, regardless of whether or not the loss was permanent, the product was used correctly, or if the loss was truly caused by the products in the first place, the FDA issues an urgent warning to discard the product and/or return it for an immediate refund, tarnishing both the company involved and its otherwise safe products. All the media whores immediately picked up on the scam by promulgating urgent warnings, scaring the public into ridding their cabinets of this "threat" to public health, or rather this threat to pharmaceutical dominance in illness treatment. Because that's what this is really about.

See, natural, homeopathic, or what is often termed "alternative" treatments are always safer and more efficacious than any pharmaceutical drug, yet money and politics always speak louder than the truth in our greed-driven society. Big Pharma cannot tolerate any competition to its dangerous drugs, even though they do not work and ultimately destroy the human body. So, they strong-arm the FDA into ignoring the fact that pharmaceutical drugs kill people and instead redirect them to target and destroy any and all competition to its patented concoctions that earn the industry nearly a trillion dollars a year.

Without belaboring the point, anyone who cannot see the blatant lies and propaganda being disseminated by the FDA in conjunction with Big Pharma and the media whores is living in "Fantasyland", or rather the United States of America. And when all our freedom of choice in healthcare is completely eliminated by the sickness industry mafia, the masses will come crying to their evil masters for mercy and it will be too late. Until then, the sheep overwhelmingly follow FDA decrees as if they were words directly from God, in utter ignorance of the truth. What a sick country we live in (no pun intended).