Saturday, February 14, 2009

Stimulus Bill to Destroy Health Freedom, Usher in Universal Health Care

Having only been in office for roughly three weeks, (alleged) President Obama has wasted no time in accelerating America's plunge into socialistic tyranny through his pork-laden, trillion-dollar stimulus in the growth of centralized government. Similar to the tactics used by the Bush administration back in October in getting the first bailout bill passed, Obama's scare-Congress-into-passing-it rhetoric caused many in Congress to support a bill laced with language that will destroy health freedom and instigate centralized, government-controlled health care with the stroke of a pen, among other things. Not only this, the 1,400+ page document was not even read by a single Congressman.

The benignly-titled "American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009" is chock full of health provisions of which few people are aware. Authored by tax-evading criminal Tom Daschle, the centralized "health rules" are said to affect "every individual in the United States", according to pages 445, 454, and 479 of H.R. 1 EH. What, exactly, are these effects?

According to the bill, a new bureaucracy, entitled the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology, will be created and put in charge of monitoring and tracking every individual's medical records, including one's current health treatments. These are to be put into a centralized, federal database. The bill's provisions will transfer decision-making power and control from each person to the federal government to determine what are appropriate medical treatments. Gone will be the days of an individual making health decisions for himself with the guidance of his own personal health practitioner. All medical professionals will be required to comply with whatever the Health and Human Services Secretary mandates as appropriate treatment or else face penalties such as fines or loss of medical license for not cooperating as "meaningful users", a vague term used within the bill but not clearly defined. The subjective assessment of who qualifies as a meaningful user is to be left up the secretary to define.

According to many reports, including one from Bloomberg, the health provisions within H.R. 1 are practically identical to the prescriptions outlined in Daschle's 2008 book, Critical: What We Can Do About the Health-Care Crisis, including the elimination of autonomy in the practice of medicine. Daschle states in the book that doctors must "learn to operate less like solo practitioners", a chilling statement that reflects the true and dire implications of "universal health care" in the destruction of personal health freedom.

According to Daschle, this brand of health care reform "will not be pain free" for the elderly who must learn to accept the conditions associated with growing old rather than trying to treat them. In other words, older people are not worth as much as younger people and are thus not worth treating. In the centralized government paradigm of health care, every person is be assessed as human capital according to a cost-benefit analysis of "value" determined by said government.

No longer is an individual free to choose his or her own health options within a government-controlled system of health care, the very system being ramrodded through by the Obama administration via stimulus bills. Since the majority of an individual's labor fruits are stolen by the federal government in a socialistic system and redistributed, every person is at the mercy of an elite few who decide who lives, who dies, who gets treatment, and who does not. The government also determines what treatments are acceptable and what treatments are not, opening wide the floodgates for abuse and potential genocide.

The dire severity of this bill's provisions regarding health are also well-suited for the implementation of Codex Alimentarius set for the end of December of this year in which, along with the complete upheaval of all food and health freedom, vitamins and minerals will be eliminated from the marketplace.

Health, religious, and personal freedom are all assaulted in this bill, and in much the same manner as they were in the '30s during Hitler's rise to power. The handwriting is on the wall.